Know Your Rights

You have rights as a voter!

You have a right to privately cast your ballot without interference.

You have a right to stay in line.

  • If you are in line by the time your poll is scheduled to close, no one can force you out of line.
  • Any attempt to remove someone who was in line by closing time is illegal.

You have a right to receive in-person assistance.

  • You can request in-person language assistance. You can also request language assistance even when the location doesn’t have a physical person with your language.
  • Anyone with a disability can request assistance.

You have a right to an accessible polling place.

  • Polling places must be accessible for the elderly and those with a disability.
  • Polling places must have ADA-approved voting devices.
  • Polling places that lack proper accessibility must have alternative means of voting.

You have a right to a paper ballot.

  • You are able to request a paper ballot, especially when electronic voting devices break.

You have a right to a replacement ballot.

  • You are able to request a replacement ballot whenever, such as when you need to make a correction.
  • Note, some states have a limit on how many replacement ballots you can request. Please check with your state laws as appropriate.

In most instances, you have a right to cast a regular ballot—not a provisional ballot.

  • You are entitled to ask election workers why you may not be eligible to vote at your polling place. No one can force you to vote with a provisional ballot without adhering to proper election law.

Problem at the polls?